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In the manufacturing and retail industries, information technology is used for a number of processes.  Business owners and managers need to keep track of transactional data that directly affects the bottom line, monitor the comings and goings of their inventory, store important and sensitive client information used to identify customers for targeted marketing, and streamline processes with automated task management in order to eliminate human error. An efficient network is key in gaining an edge over competitors. The difference between retaining a customer and losing one to a similar business often depends on the speed and consistency of service.

EG Technologies’ data management practices utilize consistent storage and retrieval mechanisms to streamline all your company’s digital processes. Our systems integration is customized to fit the nature of your business  This equals lower personnel costs that would normally be used to manually track inventory and customers, and provides an integrated approach to connect with other retailers, consumers, and suppliers.  Our management strategies are ideal for point-of-sale (POS) and e-commerce solutions where the accuracy of data is imperative for customer satisfaction, and the overall connectivity of your network provides accurate real-time data for your people in the field.  

About EG Technologies

We are a collective of experienced Information Technology professionals with a wide range of technical expertise, who share in the ideal vision and standards of unparalled customer service.  Our practices are geared toward the modernization of current systems for established companies, as well as the creation of completely new systems for startups.  Our goal is to bridge the gap between each aspect of data and information management and production, allowing our clients to concentrate on their business without concern over the data management aspect.

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